June Finley - lingerie escort

Hello visitor, you enter the right page to relax.......

In order to contact me you need an understandable English ....you must call me, be precise and fluent, short, specify if you want a certain model to wear.....! 1-st hour is compulsory because I am the one from photos!!
handy +4 0722 946 039 voice calls only

email: junebucharest@gmail.com

I will not arrive dressed sexy in lingerie because many expect this view to continue then alone alone.....when I COME IN I am dressed normal, we exchange the "plesantries" , then I start becoming a sexy doll!

Be patient when "unwrap the package"! And do not ask impossible tasks..like "come urgent" ...traffic is heavy...1-1,5hours .....

specially when you want me to wear that or that, I need time to find them in my huge wardrobe.....

I must underline that ..if your English is not fluent and you missunderstand me....you call me in vain....! So improve your language, approve my desires and lets meet!

some of my lingerie