June Finley - lingerie escort

Hello visitor, ...in this page you can choose more of my lingerie models

only the lingerie is mine in this page ..because I buy each day a lingerie suit or nylons, I can't ask my photographer to join me dayly, therefore I add here the box pic or the official pic of the brand existing in internet! Please, when you call me, if you want a certain stuff, just request it by the number bellow the pic ....

1 open stockings with included suspenders - black

2 red babydoll

3 black-brown corset with suspenders w

4 full nylons with suspenders design

5 full nylons with sucks design

6 black suspenders with red line

7 yellow dress with yellow babydoll

8 simple skin-colour nylons

9 black suspenders with black design

10 black suspenders with black design and sexy black brass&panties

11 black open suspenders

12 black suspenders with open stripes

13 black suspenders with one stripe back

14 skin-colour suspenders with black middle or skin-colour middle

15 black network "dress"

16 black suspenders with model

17 slim-leather hoses

18 black network "dress" with hole

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